Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visitor Optimisation

Website visitors are vital as they would be the potential customer to the advertiser you published on the web. The total number of visitors also would increase your eCPM hence increase your total earnings per month.

There are several steps that you may take to increase the number of visitor. For example, you can register with free viral marketing or referral program offer in the net, such as TrafficDigger. This viral marketing website will automatically refer or sponsor anyone registered under you hence increasing the availability of your website on the Internet. Other example of viral marketing are BLOGEXPLOSION, where as a free member, you will be able to scroll through other users blog and also indexing your blog in the blogexplosions directory. Reported over 60,000,000 blogger has registered with BLOGEXPLOSION.

You can also optimize the number of visitor by joining as many blog community as you can. 1 such blog community which are quite famous are MyBlogLog. Here you can advertise your blog and view others blog and more, you can view statistics of your blog. It give you advantage as the statistics will give you more better picture of your blogs status.
BlogCatalog is also a blog community website where you can register for free. After you are a registered member, you can start publishing your blog for others to view and thus incresing the number of visitors.


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