Friday, March 14, 2008

Make Money Online - Ads Publisher

Make Money online through ads programs that offers commission to the publisher.However, you must first register for free as a publisher with the advertiser before you can get the code & publish them on your blog/website. Make sure you register as a publisher not advertiser.

Below are few example of advertising websites that you can register for free:

1. www.google.com - my personal favourite...
2. www.adbrite.com
2. www.advertlets.com
3. www.nuffnang.com
4. www.bidvertiser.com
5. www.nufflets.com
6. www.clicksor.com
7. www.cliksense.com
8. www.widgetbucks.com
9. www.ads-click.com

Example:Google Adsense


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